16+ animals who have hilariously perfected the art of demanding… Tap here for more…

Animals are quite specific about what they want and need. If they need food or your immediate attention at the time, they will be provided with it. You may notice your pet looking at you with pitiful  eyes or just blocking the television while you are watching your favorite show. Any strategy might be used to show their ability to overcome difficult situations.

We are certain that each animal has its unique set of habits, and we have compiled a collection of 18 photos that demonstrate exactly how pushy and impatient they can be when they want something.

#1. We are demanding our breakfast!

#2. In order for the puppies to let me know when they want to go outside, I put a bell. Instead, they ring the bell and demand anything and anytime they want.”

#3. “Attention! I’m napping. Please do not bother me!”

#4. The way my derpy Frenchie asks for my snacks. Or demands?

#5. This cat seems to be in charge of the house’s rules.

#6. “Our cat, Kimchi, insists on being held when he eats his snacks.”

#7. “It’s a cat thing, okay?”

#8. “I demand your delicious oats, man.”

#9. “Alfa was irritated last night because he wasn’t the center of attention.”

#10. “This criminal attempts to break into every home in the area.”

#11. “I said give me the cat food!”

#12. “We need to look outside and you will help us doing so, okay?”

#13. “Hey! Pay attention to me!”

#14. “Attention or TV! You choose!”

#15. “My black lab, who is always begging for snacks from the neighbors.”

#16. “She laid over and waited for me to finish asking her owner whether I may pat her.”

#17. “Last weekend, my mother-in-law met this energetic fellow in a Virginia safari park.”

#18. “He was concerned about the bird feeder and was irritated because it was empty.”

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16+ animals who have hilariously perfected the art of demanding… Tap here for more…
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