A Man Discovers a Starving Dog and Saves His Life

This heartbreaking stroy will make you cry  So grab a box of tissues before reading it.

Photographer Wesley White is a talanted individual. H he was recently in Belize for work. Wesley was excited to explore the beautiful island and, of course, take some wonderful shots. He was looking forward to what was sure to be an unforgettable journey.

Wesley chose to go kayaking to a little island in Thatch Caye as soon as he arrived. He noticed a dog near an abandoned fishing shack when he arrived.

The dog was nice, but Wesley could see the poor creature was hungry. “I saw his tail wagging out of the corner of my eye,” he explained. Wesley was worried about the dog and tried to get assistance, but no one was close. Wesley realized the dog wouldn’t stay another day alone on the island, so he loaded it into the kayak and returned it to the hotel.

Wesley asked help when he returned to the hotel. Luckily, several caring individuals stepped in to assist the dog, providing him with food and water before transporting him to the veterinarian for treatment. Wesley came upon a starving dog in need of immediate care while kayaking to a distant island.

Wesely realized the dog wouldn’t be able to live another day on the island alone, so he loaded him into the kayak and returned him to the hotel where he was staying.

At first dog was frightened. Wesley couldn’t remain with the him for long since he had a 36-hour flight out of Belize. So , he asked  the veterinarian to keep him informed about the dog’s condition.

Wesley was soon informed by the vet that the dog was recovering well and would soon be ready to be placed in foster care. The dog was ready to be reunited with Wesley after only two months in a foster home!

The dog was looked after by some lovely people who made sure he was fed and received much-needed medical attention.

Wesley organized dog’s transportation to Dallas, and the two have been inseparable since. Winston is the name given to the puppy.

What an amazing trip this lovely puppy has had! Every day, he appears to be in better health.

Winston is currently content with his new relationship with Wesley. In his new home, he is fed, healthy, happy, and thriving!

What a wonderful tale about fate bringing two spirits together so naturally! Winston was saved because Wesley was at the right place at the right time.

You can watch the heartwarming story unfold in the video below

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A Man Discovers a Starving Dog and Saves His Life
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