Amazing! Dog Spells Her Owner’s Name

Penny really needed someone to take the time to provide her with the mental stimulation she required. She met the perfect person in Leonora Anzaldua, who fell in love with her right away and adopted her. Leonora made the decision to keep Penny cognitively active.

Penny was taught to sit by her mom. Penny just needed three tries to figure out the trick. Penny had mastered all of the standard dog tricks by the time she was eight months old. Leonora wanted to take things a step further and investigate if a dog may actually have a toddler’s mental ability. Penny was taught to recognize forms using blocks.

Penny was quick to pick up on shapes.

Leonora was so impressed by Penny’s fast learning that she wanted to see if she could push her any farther. She went out and got some alphabet blocks and began teaching Penny the alphabet.

Penny, surprisingly, has learned this as well, and she can even spell her own name! Isn’t it amazing?

Penny was seen spelling her own name, which Leonora shared with the world. You can watch this amazing video below! Enjoy!

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Amazing! Dog Spells Her Owner’s Name
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