Dog Receives His First Meal in Forever Home. His reaction is adorable!

There are some animals that eat in a group, in a manner that may best be described as ‘Pigs at a Trough.’ They are completely oblivious to what is going on around them and simply snarf down food.

Here is an adorable video. Two dogs are shown in a little kitchen. Bonnie, who was rescued, is the one at the top. Her first day at her new forever home is today. She’s there with the family dog for the first time, and this is their first dinner together.

When the daddy enters, he hands her a dish and then hands the other dog a dish, and the two dogs begin to eat together. Then, a few seconds later, something truly powerful and emotional happens.

It’s such a nice moment. At the top of the screen, we watch Bonnie grab her food dish and go backwards until she is standing next to the other dog, who is eating.

I can see why she doesn’t want to be alone. Perhaps she got into the habit of eating with the other dogs in the shelter and it stuck with her. Hopefully, the other dog does not take advantage of the situation by swallowing her food.

One of my cats is quite similar to this. He’ll eat alone on occasion, but if I’m in the kitchen, he Usually comes in and eats from his food dish, and he’ll eat as long as I’m there.

Sometimes he eats from the other cat’s dish, but that’s beside the point. Sometimes, like little Bonnie in the video, he just doesn’t want to be alone.

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Dog Receives His First Meal in Forever Home. His reaction is adorable!
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