Couple Finds and Saves Golden Retriever who Had Been Missing for Two Weeks in the cold Wicklow Highlands

A rescued Golden Retriever discovered in the wild is proof of answered prayers and random acts of compassion.

Imagine being nearly paralyzed and stranded. Neesha, an eight-year-old dog, had been gone for over two weeks when a couple went to extraordinary lengths to save a lost and freezing Golden Retriever.

After being lost for 20 days, a dog tracked down her owner by walking inside the Walmart where she works.

After running away from a deer on a walk, sweet Neesha was unable to locate her family. Her family originally looked for her, but they were beginning to lose hope. This beautiful dog had become separated from his family in the snow-covered mountains, where temperatures were much below zero.

Her family, fearful for her safety, put a basket of unclean clothes on the route. They had hoped she would recognize the aroma and return. They even employed a drone to look for her, but the Golden Retriever they adored was nowhere to be seen. They resorted to social media to explain their situation since they didn’t know what else to do.

“We put it on social media and shared it. We were still hunting for her a weekend later, and we were beginning to lose hope “Neesha’s owner, Erina O’Shea Goetelen, stated

They had almost given up hope that she would ever be reunited with her family in a secure manner. They assumed she wouldn’t be able to endure the cold weather without shelter, food, or water after little over two weeks.

God, luckily, answered their prayers.

Jean-Francois Bonnet and Ciara Nolan were out hiking in the wilderness when they came across Neesha the Golden Retriever, who was nearly frozen to death. She couldn’t walk or even bark.

They quickly wrapped her in warm spare clothes and tied her to Jean’s back with a scarf. They started carrying her down the mountain after that. It wasn’t easy because the ground was icy, and they lost their footing on several occasions.

Getting Neesha down the mountain took nearly five hours. They knew this wonderful, adorable puppy belonged to someone’s furry family, so they contacted an animal rescue organization, which began looking for her owners.

But then, Erina remembered, she received a call “Ciara Nolan, a girl named Ciara, left me a message on Saturday. We were taken aback when she stated she had our dog. You couldn’t do it. ‘She’s no longer alive.’ As a result, we phoned her and arranged for her to be brought up from them.”

The entire family was pleased. God had answered their prayers, but Neesha had a difficult time at first, according to her family. She was’subdued’ and silent. They believe she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of her encounter. But, owing to the goodwill of people, she is doing much better now that she is home and protected! What a miracle the hikers spotted her and decided to bring her home because they cared about the adorable puppy.

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Couple Finds and Saves Golden Retriever who Had Been Missing for Two Weeks in the cold Wicklow Highlands
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