Greenville dog who lost ears in attack needs forever home

Legend was covered in blood and bite marks when Alexay met him for the first time. His left ear had been torn off, his right ear was dangling on a thread, and he was covered in bite marks.

“From his shoulders forward, you could see all the puncture marks,” Rizzo told The Greenville News. “When he moved, blood began to flow from a couple of serious wounds.”

“The ER vet wasn’t sure if he’d make it,” she explained. “Nothing appeared to be broken. These wounds, on the other hand, are quite cautious about causing stress to his body. And a touch body can only take so much at a time.”

Legend, on the other hand, is a fighter who made it through his first night. He was given surgery, fluids, and a feeding tube over the course of many days. He began to feel better. heal. His wounds swelled up after a few days. He did, however, gradually improve. Together Rescue Dogs Rock NYC began to assist him in paying for his medical expenses as they got more and more expensive. “We’re happy with the result and glad he’s alive,” said Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the organisation. It’s a fantastic narrative, and he’s impacted a lot of people.”

Legend’s hearing is fine, but his ears are missing and he’s scarred. He, on the other hand, is overjoyed. His tail swayed constantly, and he disliked kissing Fran in the water.

“You can lose out on a fantastic story if you judge a book by its cover,” Fran said of Legend. She exclaims, “He’s the loveliest creature I’ve ever meet in my life.” “He’s always asking for hugs and kisses.”

Fran stated that keeping the tale alive for one day is important to her because the two are very close. But she realizes she won’t be able to continue to foster more dogs for Greenville County Animal Care, which is in critical need of fosters.

She hopes that more people would join her in developing and expanding the Greenville County Animal Protection Organization, which is in desperate need of assistance.

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