This adorable puppy has gone viral because he looks like a mix between a cat and a dog

People often inquire, “Are you a cat or a dog person?” as though you could only choose one. Many animal lovers, though, have a place in their hearts for both.

However, if you can only manage one pet, you must occasionally pick between the two. Alternatively, do you?

It turns out that there is one animal that has the best of both worlds, like a hybrid between a cat and a dog:

This strange little fellow seems to have a dog’s face on a cat’s body, with a touch of fox—and some online think he appears to morph from cat to dog depending on the photo:

“Would you want a cat or a dog?” “YES,” one Reddit user jokingly responded.

One said, “Corgi crossed with a British shorthair cat,” remarked another.

But if you answered “dog,” you’re correct: this small pup’s name is Di, and his unusual appearance is due to a mix of uncommon breeds.

He now resides in Vietnam with his owners, Hai Anh and Tuan. “He’s a cross between a local dog breed [Hmong] and a short-legged dog named Dingo,” Hai Anh said to The Dodo. “However, I believe he may also have a gene mutation.”

He not only looks like a cat-dog, but he also has some delightfully strange expressions:

So, it’s no surprise that Di has become an internet star in his own country and around the world.

“It’s just been 5 days since we started Di’s fan page, and it already has over 40K likes,” Hai Anh added. “The dog now has a lot of followers in Vietnam and all across the globe.”

His Facebook profile now has over 232,000 followers, which explains why he’s so thrilled.

Despite his popularity and unusual appearance, Di is simply a regular, happy dog.

“He enjoys playing with both human and canine companions,” Hai Anh told Bored Panda. “He’s so lovely and amusing!”

What a lovely, one-of-a-kind puppy with so many amusing images! Please tell your friends about this story.

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This adorable puppy has gone viral because he looks like a mix between a cat and a dog
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