An Old Dog Licks Man’s arm, Begging for Compassion

The 16-year-old dog was deaf, blind in one eye, and had cancer. Then he met a man who would give him one more opportunity.

Henry the dog was about sixteen years old when his family gave him to the shelter, maybe owing to his testicular cancer diagnosis. They didn’t even bother looking for therapeutic options and got rid of him when he needed them. Henry’s untimely abandonment left him hopeless.

Henry’s major cancers worsened dangerously when he lost his desire to live. His fitness deteriorated as he became deaf and blind in one eye, and the constant aching caused him to lose most of his movement. When Zach Skow saw his condition, he realized he wouldn’t be able to keep him for more than a few weeks.

Zach was passionate about taking Henry in as a hospice foster and making him feel loved and treasured in his final days. However, following the death of a loved one, an unusual problem arose. Zach and his adoring family spent Henry’s first night with them. Henry managed to find enough electricity to stand and stroll to the yard! He felt blessed to have a family looking out for him once more, and it rekindled his passion!

As Henry began to feel better by the hour, this stunning turnaround grew even more dramatic! His walks turned into gallops, and Zach decided to get him the cancer-curing surgery he needed. There was no stopping Henry after that! When he started running about like a tiny puppy again, it was like a rebirth for him!

Zach feels that Henry’s family acceptance was once a critical factor in raising his morale and helping his recovery. Henry has now been adopted by a lovely family that has promised to provide him with a comfortable retirement throughout his golden years. What a wonderful miracle!

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An Old Dog Licks Man’s arm, Begging for Compassion
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