White Dog who Was abandoned Because Of His “Strange” Face, Now Finds Forever Home

Beaux Tox has a special appearance.  His happy-go-lucky temperament and bouncy tail look to be at contrast with his continuously sad, deeply furrowed face.

Some people may be put off by Beaux’s unique look, but Jamie Hulit just needed a single photograph to realize that the yellow Lab’s life was worth saving.

A person shared a photo of Beaux on Facebook expressing that he needed a foster or to be adopted. Days after another kind human saw this post and immidiately wanted to adopt this unique creature.

Since his birth, Beaux has been a star. According to Hulit, he was born with a squished head and close-set eyes as a result of his six siblings and sisters crowding his mother’s womb.

“He was merely forced out of the way,” Hulit added, “but it has nothing to do with his intelligence.” An MRI revealed that his head deformity had no influence on his personality or his chances of living a long and healthy life, according to her.

Regardless, Beaux’s childhood was a disaster. “Because of his face deformity, the people who were breeding him couldn’t sell him,” Hulit stated. “As a result, he was freely handed away.” According to Hulit, the weird little puppy was taken in by a man in Austin, Texas, but when Beaux Tox, then known as Lucky, didn’t get along with the man’s cats, he was banished to the backyard.

According to Hulit, the gorgeous dog was mistreated by his owner and kept outside for five years, alone — without even a dog bed to keep him company.

Local rescue groups tried to find Beaux a better home, but he was constantly returned to the man’s backyard after spending his whole life in a small yard with little training.

When Hulit went to meet Beaux at his apartment, she had no idea what to expect.

When she entered the backyard, she found a dog that looked like a shell: the Lab’s rib cage protruded from under his blonde fur, which hung off his emaciated frame like a rag doll. Hulit wasn’t scared by Beaux’s health problems, which included fleas and ear mites, since he recognized she’d be his one chance for a true home.

“At that moment, I didn’t care how sick he was,” Hulit explained. “I just didn’t want him to be sent to the foster care system.”

Hulit knew what it was like to be moved from family to family after spending two years in foster care before being adopted at the age of nine.

“I wanted him to have stability and a place he knew as his home,” Hulit added. “That’s why I took him away from his owner and adopted him .” Beaux Tox was already bouncing around, and I just wanted him to be a dog.”

Hulit’s chances of survival at Kerrville’s Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic were far lower than she had imagined. Beaux tested positive for heartworms, a parasitic infection that causes long-term organ damage, but he was too fragile to begin treatment.

After some time, he gained weight and became strong enough to have heartworm treatment. Regardless of the fact that he had lost hearing in his left ear because of the ear mite damage and currently has issues seeing out of his right eye, Beaux was finally given a health check.

“Some people would pay a lot of money for a dog’s papers,” Hulit observed, “but I feel like I merely paid for his health certificate.” “However, knowing that he is now a free and happy man, I am perfectly comfortable with it.”

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White Dog who Was abandoned Because Of His “Strange” Face, Now Finds Forever Home
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