Brave Woman Sticks her Hand inside Shark’s Mouth to Remove Hooks

Cristina Zenato is regarded as a “shark whisperer” all over the world. She is a diver who  reaches into the enormous shark’s mouth to save it.

Cristina and her teammates are seen diving in the Bahamas in the video below. The water is clean, and sharks can be seen swimming around them.

She had to put her hand inside the shark’s mouth in order to pull the hook out. According to what we can observe, the shark handled it gently and without trouble.

Cristina, on the other hand, had to be protected with chainlink body armour due to the conditions.

Cristina, who is fearless, uses a special way to help him relax. It has to do with rubbing Lorenzini ampoules together.

The sharks will be paralyzed for around 15 minutes in this way.

Because she does it nearly every day, the fearless girl claimed it was a very familiar job to her. She removes shark hooks regularly when swimming and diving.

This time, though, things were a little different. It was a challenging task.

For  over two decades, this woman has been helping sharks. This woman’s incredible work has been noted by Nat Geo, the BBC, and possibly many others.

She also leads a diving team at the Underwater Explorers Society on Grand Bahama Island (UNEXSO).

Watch the video below!

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Brave Woman Sticks her Hand inside Shark’s Mouth to Remove Hooks
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