A Navy Seal Says a Goodbye to His Senior K9 Companion

Mike Ritland, the founder of Trikos International, recently posted on his social media account. A Navy SEAL and a dog was mentioned in his post. The Navy SEAL’s face was resting on the dog’s neck, which was on an American flag pillow.

The dog was Carlos, and the Navy SEAL on the post was Mike Mike, the dog’s handler and owner. Carlos was a member of a long line of warrior dogs that served in Afghanistan. Carlos and other military dogs made sure they were safe while on a military mission.

The Military Police Corps took up the training of military canines after World War II ended. Around 500 dog teams are now operating in several combat zones, including Afghanistan and Iraq, according to recent statistics. One of these dogs was Carlos. He was lucky enough to be able to return to civilian life.

Carlos’ service to his country was honored by the Navy SEALs, who covered his body in the American flag. On every mission, Mike and Carlos used to bring this flag with them. The cloth, however, still had some Afghan mud on it.

They gave Carlos a proper send-off with his favorite snacks. During his final rites, his favorite people were also there. Before taking his final breath, the devoted dog enjoyed his favorite steak.

When it came time to say farewell to Carlos, Mike and his fellow Navy SEALs felt a devastated in their hearts. He gave his all for his country while he was alive, and he never left his handler’s side.

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A Navy Seal Says a Goodbye to His Senior K9 Companion
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