When rescuers found and helped this creature, they couldn’t understand: was she a dog, a wolf, a coyote?

People were scared of this creature since she resembled a wolf, but her transformation will astound you!

Hundreds of canines have been rescued from the cruel streets of Los Angeles by Hope For Paws. What sets this rescue apart from the rest will take your breath away!

Eldad Hagar and his dream crew travel to a South Central community. At first glimpse, they see a puppy in desperate need of help and a new home. But when they came closer, they realized she wasn’t quite a puppy.

We put together the best parts of this strange and amazing day by using Eldad’s own words and pictures from his Flickr profile and the rescue film.

“We generally rescue dogs, but I’m very convinced we saved a wolf-hybrid this time!”

An old rope was tied around Julia, which to me suggests that she was owned and mi.s.t.r.eated to a criminal degree. This poor creature was swollen from illness and was in bad shape. It’s hard to notice because of her coat, but she’s just super skinny. ”

Lisa gave Julia sweets and gradually gained Julia’s confidence.”

“She took food so softly, even though she was very tiny and hungry.”

Eldad and Lisa decided it was time to try to entice Julia to their car using the fortunate red leash. Julia required emergency medical assistance, and each passing minute meant greater suffering for her.

“Julia was hesitant to get in a car, so we had to reassure her and tell her that things were going to get better.”

Julia was diagnosed with Demodectic Mange when she arrived at the facility. The outcomes were favorable. Julia’s journey would be lengthy, but Eldad and his crew knew it would be well worth it.

“Julia’s paws were bloated and her nails were quite long… There was a lot of agony, but it was about to change. ”

“As the water dissolved the scabs, Julia began bleeding profusely.” A medicinal bath is a vital step.”

Julia placed her head on Lisa after her wash. She was relieved that it was finished. Julia’s rescuers had clearly won her trust with this act.

Julia was ready for a foster home after a week of medical assistance. She could finally enjoy the way she had always needed to. Her true colors emerged, and she learned to wag her tail.

Julia finally gets her permanent home, which is the finest part of the story. She’ll never again have to fear being hungry or being alone on the streets! Her rescue is an incredible thing to witness. Thank you for everything you do for pets in need, Hope For Paws!

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When rescuers found and helped this creature, they couldn’t understand: was she a dog, a wolf, a coyote?
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