By Cuddling a Stray Dog, a 10-year-old Missing Girl Successfully Survives a Night In a -11-degree Snowstorm

Dogs have proven their loyalty countless times.  They showed themselves to be extremely protective and kind. When it comes to young children, they are hugely helpful.

Many stories have been told of dogs protecting a young child in difficult and dangerous situations. The same thing happened lately when a ten-year-old girl snuggled with a stray dog to stay warm in the freezing weather.

Vika Z was a girl from the Russian island of Sakhalin who got lost on her way home from school. The girl was missing for several hours, and the situation grew much more serious when night came, temperatures plummeted to -11 degrees Celsius, and a storm dumped two feet of snow on the area.

The police and volunteers assumed that the small child would not be able to spend the night in such terrible weather conditions due to the bad weather. However, a miracle occurred when the girl was discovered alive and well after 18 hours. The kid was seen hugging a fluffy puppy for warmth, according to local media.

The dog was a stray, and the child was cuddling with it on a mattress that had been left by a nice stranger. She and the dog took shelter under the balcony. She was recovered and sent to the hospital for a checkup, where it was discovered that she only had slight frostbite.

Vika had a unique bond with stray dogs, and it was for this reason that the stray dog helped her in keeping warm. She went to feed the dogs on that day and was trapped in a snowstorm with heavy winds.

So it was obvious that the stray dog had saved her life. However, the dog is currently missing, and they are waiting for him to return so that he may receive the attention he deserves. The dog’s ability to keep the girl warm was quite remarkable.

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By Cuddling a Stray Dog, a 10-year-old Missing Girl Successfully Survives a Night In a -11-degree Snowstorm
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