Miracle The Dog Was Thrown off Balcony by Her Owner! We found out How She is Now!

Everyday we read a lot of stories about animals. We truly become happy when people put their lifes on risk to
help animals, when they adopt them, when they rescue or take care of them.
But we can’t imagine how people can do bad things to these creatures. We heard about a story which shocked us.

A one-year-old German Shepherd survived a bad fall a few months ago. Her human threw her from a second-story balcony, right in front of cops. The puppy was taken into custody by Volusia County Animal Services and given the name “Miracle.” She may have passed away from the fall, but she landed on her feet with only minor injuries.

Miracle is prepared for her happiness ever after a childhood in foster care. Humans raced to save her life that day, therefore it’s now up to her to rescue herself. The puppy is being taught to be a service dog to help her new family, and she is overjoyed!

Allison Murphy, 35, was a woman who has thrown Miracle from the balcony. She threatened to leap from the balcony, prompting witnesses to contact the cops. When cops approached her, she instead thrown the defenseless puppy away.

Following the incident, officials transported Miracle to animal care, where she got a detailed examination. Murphy was charged with assault of animal cruelty and a felony of resisting arrest.

The judge ordered Murphy to pay $1,127.24 to the county for the dog’s maintenance. She will also be prohibited from having another pet for the next five years and will be required to take an animal care course before bringing any animal into her house. Hopefully, this will prevent a repeat of Miracle’s situation.

Murphy was also ruled “unable or incompetent” to care for Miracle by the judge on March 5th. Instead, the dog will be kept at the Halifax Humane Society until she is adopted, according to documents.

Since the horrible incident, Miracle has been with a lovely foster family. Now, she’s preparing for a new start  of life. She is a great student in her training to become a service dog. Miracle will go to her new home with a war veteran who has been seeking for a service dog once she is ready.

“We’re pleased that, with the help of our law enforcement colleagues, we were able to intervene and protect Miracle from further injury,” said Adam Leath, Volusia County Animal Services Director. “The collaboration between Animal Services and law enforcement agencies around the county continues to be a genuine community partnership, giving assistance and resources to both our four-legged and two-legged companions.”

Miracle might have a difficult and confused few months, but she’s finally ready for her happy future. She will not be controlled by a single tragic experience. Instead, she’ll do her share to make the world a better place!

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Miracle The Dog Was Thrown off Balcony by Her Owner! We found out How She is Now!
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