Video of 65-year-old Russian Woman Who Plunges Into Icy Lake to Rescue a Husky

Animals have a difficult time in cold weather.  They have a tough time because of the icy winter. You have probably heard a lot of stories of pets falling on ice or getting into icy water. Luckily, there are those who are able to assist them. They are prepared to put their lives on the line to defend these animals.

When this Russian lady rescued Husky, who was stuck beneath the ice, something similar occurred. Galina Voskovykh, a woman from the Voronezh Oblast in western Russia, was out walking with friends near the river when she heard a dog whimper.

The 65-year-old woman noticed a Husky dog stuck in the icy water and acted without hesitation to rescue its life.

Galina remembered not thinking twice about getting naked and jumping into the water. She had to break the ice to get to the dog. Due to ice, the dog was unable to return to the land.

The brave woman was successful in freeing the Husky from the ice, and the two were reunited on the shore. The rescue dog returned to his owner after being rescued.

Galina barely received a few scratches and bruises. Many questioned her choice to leap into the ocean, blaming her of acting immaturely.

Gelina was an excellent swimmer who had no regrets about her choice. She claimed she did not consider herself a hero. Gelina’s efforts are praiseworthy! She is a real Hero!

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Video of 65-year-old Russian Woman Who Plunges Into Icy Lake to Rescue a Husky
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