Woman Spends a Whole Year Trying to Rescue a Dog Chained to a Tree

Laura Seymour of Virginia came closer to see a big black and white dog chained to a tree. She was a little concerned approaching the enormous dog, but Seymour realized she was in good hands when the dog began to wag her tail.

Seymour saw the dog’s food dish was empty while looking around the neighborhood and assumed no one lived there. She contacted animal control to report the incident, but was unhappy to learn that someone lived in the house and that the present circumstances were acceptable.

“As long as they have a doghouse and enough food and water, it’s fine,” an animal control officer remarked.

Seymour gave the nice dog the name Takia and informed animal control that she would feed the dog because the owner would not. She went to see the Akita three times a week to make sure she had food and water.

Seymour spent a whole year with Takia, and the two grew quite close. When Takia saw Seymour, she would actually leap for pleasure and welcome her with kisses.

To use as a bed, Takia made a hole in the mud. Knowing that the adorable puppy slept outside in the muck 24 hours a day crushed Seymour’s heart. ‘I’m like, “Oh, I have to take this puppy,” she told. I’m going to have to steal it or do anything to get it.” “No, I’m going to jail for this puppy,” I said.

When summer approached, Seymour was concerned that Takia would warm in the sun. She took her mother to view the dog and advised her to contact animal control again. She phoned animal control once more to convey her worries, and she was overjoyed when they informed her that the owner was being forced to surrender the dog.

She volunteered to adopt her right away, saying, “I swear I’ll take her.” Takia went insane when she was finally freed to run free after being tied for so long.

“I was thinking, that’s fantastic,  I had so much time with her,” Seymour said. “But then again, I can’t believe she went through sleeping outside 24 hours a day and in the dirt.”

Takia now sleeps in a comfortable bed every night and will never go without food or shelter again. Her mother adores her, and the two do everything together. “There’s something about her that attracts  me.” “I got quite lucky, to be honest.”

In the video below, you can see the entire story.

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Woman Spends a Whole Year Trying to Rescue a Dog Chained to a Tree
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