Heroic Husky Saves a Newborn Baby Left alone in The Park

Dogs are not just pets, they are also our close friends. They show love, affection, dedication and we feel safe
with them. They have saved a lot of human lifes. They are always glad to help us. So here’s a brave Husky that saved a baby after his mother probably abandoned him in a park in England.

It was strange that no one saw the infant until the dog spotted him. Terry Walsh, a retired engineer of 65 years, went out on a stroll with his dog, Hel.

They traveled to Kings Norton Park, one of their favorite sites in Birmingham. The dog noticed something while they were walking and acted quickly. He was acting strangely.

When Terry arrived, he saw a two-hour-old infant wrapped in a blanket. According to Terry, there was a rolled-up blanket just under the bushes as they passed up to the top of the Mounds, gazing down towards Shannon Road.

He claimed that the dog went over to the blanket and began softly touching it with her nose. Soon after, he heard a cry  under the blanket, which startled him and led him to investigate. It was the infant who was crying. He went on to say that the dog’s prodding and the heat from his body awakened the baby.

The baby, thankfully, was still alive. Walsh then contacted the police, who arrived quickly and took the infant away to the hospital. The baby was in good health, and he was given the name “George” because he was discovered just a few days before St. George’s Day.

The newborn is healthy and doing well, according to West Midlands Police. They were unable to locate his mother, though. They were concerned about the mother’s health and wanted to ensure that the baby was in good physical and mental condition. We hope that George and his mother will be reunited soon.

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Heroic Husky Saves a Newborn Baby Left alone in The Park
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