Steve Irwin’s Grandchild Meets a Koala for The First Time

In 2006, we lost Steve Irwin. At the age of 44, the well-known conservationist and Crocodile Hunter passed away. Even though he is no longer alive, his family continues to carry on his legacy.

His wife Terri and their daughters Bindi and Robert had all contributed significantly to the conservation and promotion of Australia’s fauna. They maintain a zoo and, aside from that, they rescued hundreds of animals during last year’s bushfires.

Irwin’s family has received lots of new positive news and blessings. Bindi and Chandler Powell had their first child, a baby girl called Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, in March.

The newborn girl is Irwin’s first granddaughter, and although being just two months old, she is already following in her grandfather’s footsteps as a little “Wildlife Warriors.”

The baby met the animal for the first time in her garden, when her grandmother Terri showed her some hens at the Australia Zoo.

Now the newborn has encountered another animal, a koala. Chandler shared a photo of Grace, two months old, seeing a koala for the first time, and the two of them looking at one other.

The picture took on even more importance since the koala is one of Australia’s most famous animals, and the Irwin family has a long history of protecting the country’s environment.

Many koalas passed away in last year’s wildfires, and the Irwin family saves an average of 800 koalas each year.

We are confident that she will have many incredible experiences with animals in the future. She will be taught to appreciate and respect wildlife.

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