A man discovers a lost dog, dials the number on her tag, and learns the t.e.rrible truth

Freyja, a Siberian Husky  was fortunate enough to be discovered by a kindhearted guy who simply wanted to help her. He assumed she was merely a lost puppy that couldn’t locate her owners. Her collar and tags were still on when she was discovered, and a phone call was promptly placed to her owners.

When they eventually took up the phone, they said they weren’t searching for her. Without a place to live, the guy decided to take her in himself. When she was taken to the doctor, it was found that she was twenty pounds lighter than she should have been because of heartworm.

She was probably left because they couldn’t afford the therapy she required. Her new dog dad, on the other hand, believes she is worth the money and has her ailment taken care of.

She now has a nice family, a comfortable bed, and lots of food to compensate for her weight loss. She’ll never have to scavenge the streets again. Please share this content with your friends as well!