60-years-old Man Spotted Rare “magic rabbit” for The First Time in more Than 20 Years

This amazing animal first appeared in 1983 and is now one of the world’s most endangered species. It’s about the Ili pika (Ochotona iliensis), one of the most sympathetic creatures we’ve ever met.

This “magic rabbit,” which hails from far-flung areas of northwest China, was discovered for the first time by Li Weidong. He’s also the one who, after more than two decades, was able to take these incredible images.

There are only approximately a thousand of these critters remaining in the world, according to Weidong. Since the early 1980s, their number has decreased by 70%.

He told CNN that he has observed this fascinating critter become an endangered species since its discovery. He also expressed regret if this species vanished in front of his eyes.

This man was motivated to know as much as he could about these amazing creatures. He encouraged 20 others to join him in his search for these elusive creatures in order to save their species. Despite the fact that he spent a significant amount of money on study, the authorities did not notice him.

Li is aware that these lovely creatures may go at any time, as they are no longer present in their previous locations.

Li knows he won’t be able to go up the Tianshan Mountains any longer because he is about 60 years old. The hope remains that some group will be able to find all they require and safeguard Ili pika.

According to Weidong, these “magic rabbits” used to reside at extraordinary heights of up to 13,450 feet in the Tianshian Mountains.

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60-years-old Man Spotted Rare “magic rabbit” for The First Time in more Than 20 Years
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