Dying Dog Carried Down the Aisle

Kelly O’Connell’s wedding day will be remembered in a variety of ways. It was not just the  day of her life when she married her closest friend, but it was also the day she had to say goodbye to another friend, Charlie Bear, a 15-year-old black Labrador.

She wanted him to be by her side on her special day.

Katie Lloyd, Kelly’s maid of honor and sister, would be the one to walk Charlie Bear down the aisle on the big day.

The dog had been diagnosed with a brain tumor in April and died on September 9th of that year.

R.I.P., Charlie Bear. You will forever be loved and remembered.

“I have to keep shooting even if I’m in a puddle of tears behind the camera,” photographer Jen Dziuvenis told herself as tears streamed down her face.

What a lovely way to say goodbye to her best friend, who has been at her side through everything.


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