After Being Lost for Three Months, Two Surfers Rescue a Starving, Cold Dog From a Sea Cave

Two friends were out surfing when they came upon a dog trapped in a cave in a sea rock.
On August 1, Zach Regan and Matty Johnson went on a distant west coast trip on Vancouver Island. It was going to be a fantastic holiday with everything they needed to go surfing and fishing.

They were out on the water in their tiny aluminum boat when Matty noticed the brown legs of an animal in a cave out of the corner of his eye. It wasn’t big enough to be a wolf or a bear.

It appeared to be a hungry, cold, and scared dog.

Matty Johnson tells GNN, “We were attempting to beat an upcoming storm, but we took the decision to save the puppy.”

The rescue operation for the two had begun. A “wetsuit, a surfboard, a lasso, almost getting bitten in the face, a reef, enormous waves, and fantastic collaboration” were all involved.

They tucked Stella in a sack to keep her warm after she was securely aboard their boat. They continued their hunt for the owner once they were back on dry land in Canada.

“When the owners—long since consigned to the death of their dog—got news she was safe,” Matty adds, “there were terrific feelings all around.”

The owners were overjoyed to see their pet once more. When they were separated three months ago on the wild Juan de Fuca Trail, they believed they’d lost their dog for good.

Johnson told GNN about his story because he wanted to “spread good news and inspire people to put themselves out there when the chance arises.”

That’s exactly the type of wonderful news we enjoy hearing.