Funny moment! The elephant kicks the impala out of the way to drink a water

This elephant had no desire in waiting his turn at a drinking hole in Botswana National Park, so he went directly to the front of the line, sending scared impalas screaming to the left, right, and center.

Indeed, Impalas were drinking at a water hole in Nxai Pans Park when a massive male elephant charged forward and demanded all of the water for himself.

The impalas ran to escape being smacked by the elephant’s enormous trunk as he hurried up to the drinking hole.

When he came at a watering hole where a group of impalas were drinking, the bull elephant was less than delighted.

Tan-trump: The impala herd fled for their life as a result of his enraged reaction, leaving their calm watering site.

Johan Barnard, 50, of Cape Town, South Africa, witnessed the occurrence.
‘At lunchtime, the entire region was on fire, and we were gazing out over the only water hole for miles around,’ Mr. Barnard added.

‘After a time, a elephant arrived, searching for a drink — despite the fact that he seemed uninterested in the other animals.’

The elephant started swinging its trunk and pushing its legs out in an apparent attempt to push other animals away from the water’s edge before we realized it.

‘He didn’t injure anyone, but he sure dug his own graves later.’ It would not be courteous if it were a human.’

Nobody has the time for that: The elephant is photographed as he approaches the drinking hole, evidently annoyed at having to wait his turn.

The elephant can be seen lashing his trunk at the impalas, who flee for their life.

Now it’s better: the elephant had the drinking hole to himself after the impalas had gone.

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Funny moment! The elephant kicks the impala out of the way to drink a water
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