Dog Comes Face To Face With A Huge White Lion and Suddenly Lion Grabs Her Leg! Here is What Happens After

Camila, a chocolate Labrador, grew up in Mexico’s “The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation” sanctuary among some of the most dangerous wild animals. Her unbreakable friendship with Miki the white lion, on the other hand, is unique! Miki and Camila are two peas in a pod who remain together through thick and thin, despite their obvious differences.

This video shows one of the rare occasions when Camila and Miki had a tiny quarrel while playing. Miki is the first to leave the scene becausehis naturally aggressive personality. Camila, on the other hand, waits quietly beside the enclosure for her rambunctious friend to settle down.

Miki, as expected, feels awful about being harsh and quickly returns to his tail-wagging canine pal with an apologetic expression on his face. As he gets closer to Camila and softly takes her paw, the lovely lion bows his head in shame. He licks her paw and begs her to forget their minor disagreement in a sweet gesture to request forgiveness.

Camila is a consistently loyal friend who doesn’t carry grudges. For her, it’s all over as she brushes aside the problem and joins in a chase game with Miki, who is still pouting. On so many ways, the friendship between these two very different pals is perplexing!

Watch Miki and Camila’s unusual love show through in their small apologies encounter in the video below!