Dog Hasn’t Seen Soldier In Months And His Reaction is The Best

Miss May, Cassandra Cabrera’s puppy, has been waiting for her at home for 10 months while she has been stationed in Africa. Cabrera was afraid she would forget about her because she was only a puppy when Cabrera left to serve.

Miss May reappeared in Sacramento International Airport in California, and the pup’s worries disappeared. Miss May, who was standing on a leash while Cabrera descended the escalator among a crowd of people, demonstrated that she had not forgotten her owner in a second.

Cabrera had Miss May on a leash as he down the escalator through the crowd. Miss May rushed right to Cabrera when she saw her going down the stairs and showered her in licks and tail wags. Miss May not only remembered her human, but she also didn’t forget about him for a second.

After several weeks apart, these two were finally reunited. Cabrera will remember this amazing event for the rest of his life. Hopefully, they won’t have to stay apart for much longer.