Every Day a Dog Climbs onto The Roof and Barks for “Help”

A dog barking and wailing on the third-floor roof was recently heard by a neighbor called Kori, who lives across the street from an abandoned house. The dog would come out of the house through a broken window and scream for help at all hours of the day and night. As a result, the neighbor requested the support of the community to save the poor puppy.

It became out that three enormous dogs had been abandoned in horrible conditions inside the house. They were believed to have been alone in the building for around three weeks. None of them would have survived if the one dog hadn’t attracted the notice of the neighbors.

The three dogs were left alone in a residence in the Knoxville district of Pittsburgh. They were smart and realized they needed to flee, so a white dog with black spots began barking for help.

“It was all a calls for rescue,” Kori explained. “Anyone who walks by, he’s out on the roof, screaming and barking, trying to get someone’s attention so he can escape out of the home.”

Officer Christine Luffey of Pittsburgh, who specialized in animal cases, became involved. She began by posting a sign on the door. When no one recognized it, her supervisor agreed that the dogs needed to be taken for their own safety. When Luffey walked into the house, she was shocked by the terrible conditions.

The home’s floors were covered with garbage and animal waste. The dogs had no water dishes, and there was only one food bag, which was hidden by trash. On the second floor, there were a couple dog food cans with chew marks on them. The dogs were clearly hungry and dehydrated.

Officials took all three canines from the residence after observing the improper living conditions. They transported them to Pittsburgh’s Humane Animal Rescue, where they were fed, hydrated, and vaccinated. The neighbors, according to Luffey, saved the dogs’ lives. They noticed something disturbing and decided to speak out.

“I’m really happy that the dogs are getting some treatment and hopefully a family will adopt them and love them as much as I’ve grown to love them,” Kori said. “I am so grateful for Officer Luffey with Zone 3, she’s amazing and I thank her for doing what she did to get them out of this house.”

Police are presently attempting to contact the owners and persuade them to give up control of the dogs. The dogs will thereafter be up for adoption. The dogs are likely to recover completely, and the offender will most certainly face prosecution. After all, animal neglect is equally as bad as other forms of animal mistreatment.

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Every Day a Dog Climbs onto The Roof and Barks for “Help”
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