Owner Leaves Dogs at Home with 2,000 Tennis Balls and Installs Security Cameras to Record What Happens

Kakoa and Sky aren’t your typical backyard dogs. They are the stars of their owner’s YouTube channel, My Mountain Husky, which has over 2.18 million followers. That’s not everything! They also have a huge Instagram account with over 36k followers.

The stats aren’t misleading. Kakoa and Sky have earned star status deservedly.

Sky is a black/white Siberian Husky, whereas Kakoa is an Agouti Siberian Husky, according to their human.
Their films have a total of 510 million views and bring joy and amusement to thousands of people all around the world.

One of their recent videos drew rave reviews from the internet. They were left alone at home with tennis balls spread about.

Their owner put up three cameras around the house to catch their reactions and dispersed 2,000 tennis balls in the living room for the popular video. He also put a GoPro camera on Sky so he could watch Sky’s point of view.

He then brought the huskies in and informed them he was going to be gone for a bit and that they needed to be good while he was gone.

It’s safe to say that the dogs didn’t act the way most of us expected them to after he went. Instead of instantly jumping with joy and playing, they appeared concerned and confused.

Initially, the huskies moved from one room to another in the house. They also came to the entrance and remained there for a while, as though checking to see if their human had left.

Then, all of a sudden, Kakoa became more active, even acting silly around Sky to encourage him to join in. This, however, did not endure long.

They stopped playing after a time and returned to the door to await their best buddy.

After a few moments, their human returned, and the boys appeared to be pleased than ever. When they eventually made it to the living room, the real fun began!

As their owner tossed the balls all around the room, Kakoa and Sky began to play and jump around. The nice lads were ecstatically chasing the balls around. It’s clear that they were having a great time!

With 6.4 million views and 80 thousand likes to date, the sweet video has gone viral. The netizens were enthralled by Kakoa and Sky’s replies.

The video has 3,959 comments on Youtube, and the responses of the viewers are very realistic.

“They didn’t know what to do with themselves or the tennis balls,” one viewer remarked, “and they wanted to share it with their closest friend.” “It’s adorable.”

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Owner Leaves Dogs at Home with 2,000 Tennis Balls and Installs Security Cameras to Record What Happens
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