Boy Leaves his Dog in Front of a Shelter With a Letter! Here is what Was in a Letter

The love we have for others often requires huge sacrifices, and one young boy was willing to give to his tiny dog simply to ensure that he was safe and well treated.

A 12-year-old Mexican kid left his pet in front of a local animal shelter. By the time the staff at the Refugio Xollin discovered him, he had been put in a box with a packed pet by his side. However, it is only when they read the message attached to the box that they realize the truth of their decision.

Andrés, the little child, has apparently decided to give his beloved hair friend to the shelter in order to shield him from his father. After taking the dog in, the staff at the shelter were so moved by the child’s gesture that they decided to post the heartbreaking message on Facebook.

The sanctuary reported, “A person left this puppy at the shelter’s entrance, inside a box, with a soft plaything and a message.” “The message was written by a child, who stated that his father was continuously battling the pet dog and was planning to sell him. So, in his despair, he left the canine right here to help him.”

Considering the love he had for the small young dog, the 12-year-old kid decided to give up on him, knowing that he would be risk-free and surrounded by care and devotion. The boy’s incredible compassion touched the sanctuary team’s hearts and everyone who read his words.

“My name is Andrés and also I am 12 years of ages,” the note initially written in Spanish, reviews. “My mother as well as I chose to leave my dog in your hands, concealing it from my daddy because he is considering marketing him. However he maltreats and kicks him. Eventually he kicked him so hard that he hurt his tail. I hope you can assist and also look after him. I left him a packed animal so he won’t neglect me.”

Rene, the young dog, is presently being cared after by excellent people. A medical examination revealed that he is in good physical and psychological health. Even as he revels in the affection he’s received at the sanctuary, he knows it won’t be long until he finds a lovely family to adore him.

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Boy Leaves his Dog in Front of a Shelter With a Letter! Here is what Was in a Letter
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