The Best Duo You’ll Ever Meet! A Puppy Who is Unable to Walk Makes Great Friends With a Pigeon That is unable to Fly

It was a strange friendship that grew out of adversity. Unusual animal friendships have always warmed our hearts, and we’re confident we speak for everyone when we say we’d want to see more.

A Chihuahua and a pigeon share a dog bed in a New York animal rescue center. Lundy, an 8-week-old Chihuahua, is unable to walk. And Herman the pigeon, his best companion, is unable to fly.

Despite their differences, they stayed friends.

At The Mia Foundation, the two of them met. The non-profit organization established in New York is committed to allowing pets with birth defects to experience what love is like.

“Our major purpose is to take in animals born with birth defects,” Sue Rogers, the Mia Foundation’s founder, told Individuals. “But people occasionally send us injured birds and squirrels.”

In terms of time at the foundation, Herman is already a senior. He came to the rescue after being discovered unconscious at a car dealership some years ago. He remained in the same spot for three days.

Herman has been rescued, but he is trapped on the ground.

Rogers explained that after bringing the bird in, they worked with a wildlife rehabilitation mentor. While Herman was able to recover his strength, he was unable to fly. They don’t know if it was caused by a virus like West Nile Virus or if it was due to a brain damage.

Herman has been a permanent resident of the foundation since then. He also met the dog that he took under his wing throughout his stay.

Lundy was born in the state of South Carolina. When he was just four weeks old, he was submitted to the foundation. Lundy was first attempting to learn how to walk. Then he just quit moving and pawing one day. Lundy’s breeder approached the charity to see if they might help him.

Rogers predicted that when Lundy eventually met Herman, they would not get along. They were drawn to each other right away.Rogers even wondered if they were correct in thinking Herman is a “he” since he began behaving in a materialistic manner with the puppy.

Their sweet relationship was documented on the organization’s website, and it’s safe to say that everyone was charmed with the couple.Lundy, Rogers hopes, will find a forever home.

Even though he lives with Herman, the small dog deserves a family that will look after him. Rogers tried to figure out how they might rehabilitate Lundy to get him through the procedure.

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The Best Duo You’ll Ever Meet! A Puppy Who is Unable to Walk Makes Great Friends With a Pigeon That is unable to Fly
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