Family Takes Turns Sleeping With Their Dog Downstairs Because He is Sick

Spike is a nine-year-old rescue dog that was accepted into Catherine Morris’ household in Yorkshire. Spike had been told that he would have to stay downstairs and would not be allowed to go upstairs, but he had other ideas. He was concerned about not letting his people out of his sight. “The first time we had him, we shut the stair gate and went to bed,” Catherine explained.

He moaned for a few minutes before leaping over the fence in the dark and trotting into my parents’ room, where he jumped right up on the bed! From then on, that’s where he slept.” Spike loves to snuggle, and when he lies in bed with them, he will attempt to push himself under the blankets so that he may get as near to them as possible, according to Catherine.

Spike, on the other hand, is fourteen years old and has had two strokes, so he is not in the best of health.

Spike couldn’t stand for days after his second stroke, so his family had to carry him around the home. He was still too weak to get up and down the stairs after memorizing how to walk. The family reinstalled the stair gate for fear of Spike hurting himself on his journey up and down the stairs. Another precaution they took was to begin sleeping on the sofa with him so he wouldn’t try his old trick of leaping the gate. Catherine remarked.

“Because of this new schedule, my parents spent alternate nights downstairs with Spike while I was away at university.” Since I’ve returned home, I’ve joined the rotation, so between the three of us, we get a little more sleep.”

Catherine’s father goes above and beyond to ensure that Spike is comfortable and has everything he may require throughout the night. A perfect illustration of the cliché that a dog is a man’s best friend.

“They’re strongly intertwined.” My father refers to him as “old bean,” and the two of them are usually chatting. My father will also bring Spike’s water and food to the sofa, where he will be hand-fed to ensure that he receives his medicine and keeps his strength.”

Spike’s life is recorded by Catherine and her family on their Instagram account, @spikethespringer, where you can see how much he is adored and how many people have been following along. On his page, there are photos and videos from when he was younger and more active, as well as some posts from when he has slowed down a bit but not lost his enthusiasm for chew toys. Clearly, he is unconcerned with his health. It is only his humans, who are holding him back. Catherine expressed her admiration for Spike by saying;

“We adore our old boy and are grateful for his presence in our life. Hopefully, we have balanced for his difficult start in life by showering him with love.”

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Family Takes Turns Sleeping With Their Dog Downstairs Because He is Sick
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