Caretakers are concerned that the panda rejects its baby unless cameras capture the mother’s instincts

Doctors at one zoo were concerned when Min Min, a mommy panda, gave birth to a healthy cub, so they withdrew it from her to ensure it was born healthy. In general, pandas accept their newborn infants right into their care, but if anything is wrong with their kid, they will reject it permanently.

The zoo personnel and physicians checked the newborn panda and discovered that she was born happy and healthy. They then planned to film the moment they handed her back to Min Min.

Unfortunately, when her kid was brought to her for the first time, Min Min did not respond like any mother should! It was clear that she was unaware that the kid was hers!

Min Min became aware that the kid was hers and had an emotional response! We are quite fortunate that such an emotional occasion was captured on tape. What a fantastic idea! View the video below.

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