Hilarious! The Monkey stole the guy’s phone, took several selfies, and also got one “artistic” shot

Losing a phone is a horrible experience. Not only are you now somewhat removed from the rest of the world and your routine has been disrupted, but you’re now suffering heart palpitations about who could obtain all of your beautiful images and movies (and memes, don’t forget your beloved memes).

What if your phone gets misplaced and ends up in the hands of a monkey? This happened to Zackryds Rodzi, a senior year computer science student from Batu Pahat, Johor, who is 20 years old.

So, Zackryds, with whom Bored Panda spoke, awoke one Saturday morning to find his phone vanished. He couldn’t locate it anywhere and started to assume that he had just misplaced it, given that there were no traces of a heist or anything else.

This prompted the next natural step—trying to contact his phone. When he dialed the phone, he heard a ringing coming from the bush near his home. So he followed the sound and discovered his now-dirty phone buried behind a mound of palm tree leaves.

Zackryds did mention that his father spotted a monkey outside their home at one point that morning, so that may be it, but Zack was skeptical: “I didn’t anticipate a monkey would take my phone since I’ve never seen a monkey near my house the whole time I lived here.”

His family also joked that there could be images or other proof on the phone that would explain how the phone ended up in the forest. After looking through the album, he found a bunch of pictures and videos of the bad monkey that his father had seen earlier.

There are numerous locations throughout the globe where monkeys dwell close to or in metropolitan areas like this, but Zackryds did stress that he had never seen a monkey, much less one thieving from humans, in his neighborhood. It had to have come in via his brother’s open bedroom window.

“I was surprised to see that my phone had been lost and was somewhat shattered.” I was furious at first, but as soon as I opened the gallery, I burst out laughing. “It was hilarious,” Zackryds remarked.

There were a few photographs and videos of the monkey attempting to figure out how phones operate. One of these films quickly became popular when it was shared on Zack’s Twitter. Aside from the different social media platforms, it also made news in both local and worldwide media.

Among the plethora of random images and movies taken by the monkey, the student discovered one snapshot that stuck out—a gorgeous view of some palm tree leaves growing in the adjacent forest. It seemed to be pretty professional, as if the monkey understood what it was doing. Either that, or it was sheer coincidence. Regardless, it’s a lovely picture!

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Hilarious! The Monkey stole the guy’s phone, took several selfies, and also got one “artistic” shot
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