Two fishermen think they are saving a drowning dog, but soon they discover it’s not a dog at all

Renato Borella, a sports fisherman on vacation in Mato Grosso, Brazil, was rowing his boat with his tourist guide, Neco. As soon as they got to the wetland, they saw a black tail swinging wildly in the river.

They imagined that a dog was stuck and drowning in the sea, so Neco tossed a lifejacket to help the creature.

Renato and Neco may be seen in this video witnessing the creature try to save himself by holding on to the lifejacket. That’s when the two notice the soaking animal’s face and realize he’s not a dog, but rather a local monkey! The native monkeys are believed to be ferocious and unfriendly toward people, but the guys decide to overcome their fear and assist him.

The guys quiver in terror when they see the brawny monkey’s expressionless face as he climbs the boat. The monkey, on the other hand, effortlessly seats himself on the edge of the boat and just gestures toward the nearby beach. The guys comprehend and steer the boat to the monkey’s intended location.

When the boat arrives at the coast, the monkey grabs a tree limb and flees into the jungle. The men assume the monkey was kicked out of his tribe, which explains why he was walking around by himself. They are moved to witness the monkey’s kind side and hope he never gets into trouble again. Renato and Neco, thank you for your courage!

Watch the video below to see how the courageous fishermen overcame their anxieties to save the wild monkey!