Everyone who has watched this video of monkeys accidentally kil.ling and then mourning over a robot monkey is in tears

When the BBC program “Spy In The Wild” introduced a robot monkey among the Langur tribe, the false animal was accidently ‘ki.l.led.’ The covert camera was able to capture detailed aspects of the monkeys’ mourning. The footage, shot in Rajasthan, India, both astonished and angered viewers since the monkeys’ response to d.e.a.th is similar to human mourning.

The revolutionary show’s basic concept is to place a camera inside of what seems to be an animal in the hopes of seeing the wildlife community from an insider’s viewpoint. This kind of information may help us better comprehend animals and understand that we are not as different from them as we assume.

The Monkeys, our closest’relatives,” have friends and foes, feel stressed out, are connected to their moms, and, as the movie illustrates, go through a grief process following a loss.