A kind monkey adopts a stray puppy, and you’ll be shocked to see how well she cares for him

This is the cutest bond we’ve ever witnessed. A female macaque monkey became well-known in her native Erode, India.

Residents were so taken with the monkey guarding the small puppy from other stray dogs that they laid out food for the two strange pals.

The guard monkey was so compassionate that it even let the lovely puppy eat first, much to everyone’s amazement!

People who have seen the two adorable creatures hailed their strong mutual attachment as “one of the most beautiful things in the world—to take care of a puppy in trouble and protect him like a mom and dad,” according to Zee News.

“These two animals’ constant love for each other can teach us a lot about how to be in relationships.”

The mother monkey treats the vulnerable puppy as if he were her own. She examines him for lice, and he protects her from stray pups

And she takes him with her everywhere she goes. She allows him to eat first.

The homeowners were so impressed that they began placing food out for them. Their unwavering affection teaches us an important lesson about relationships.

This story shows that you can be good friends with anyone, no matter where they are from, what color their skin is, what gender they are, or even what species they are.