No One Wanted to Adopt This Dog with 6 Legs! But One Day The Magic Happened

When things are bad, it’s wonderful to have someone to rely on – and for young people, that’s generally a best friend. Luke, a 15-year-old English boy from Kent, didn’t have that luxury.

He had psoriasis, a common skin illness that affects millions of people worldwide – which became a problem for him at school.

Lauren Salmon, Luke’s mother, told SWNS News that her family already had pets — a Jack Russell, two cats, and two French Lop rabbits – but her son saw a dog online that he liked right away.
And that puppy would completely transform his life.

It was an 8-week-old Labrador mix from an Essex breeder. She was undoubtedly more affordable than the others because the puppy was born with a genetic defect.

She was born with 6 legs.
Salmon decided to go on the journey to see the puppy, and as Luke went to pick her up, the puppy “surrounded”  her pen. It was love at first sight for both of them. Luke was unconcerned about her two additional front legs.

“Roo” has been adopted by a joyful, caring family that will look after her.
And Luke has made a new closest friend – after all, he understands what it’s like to be alone due to an illness you can’t control.

“From then on, it was love at first sight for Luke and Roo,” Salmon told SWNS. “Luke acts as if he were a watchful parent. She sleeps in his bed and they never leave one other’s side.”

Roo is considered “extra” special by the family. She also got along well so far with Luke’s three siblings.

“We adore Roo to the moon and back. To us, she’s simply a regular dog with a few unusual features. Her particular legs don’t hurt her, and it’s obvious to see how lively she is,” Salmon explained. “We’d characterize her as peaceful but lively since she’s full of puppy energy.”

Of course, seeing a dog with six legs is unusual.

Salmon believes that many of them pass away soon after birth, but that this is a human decision rather than a natural one.

Luke has greatly benefited from the dog, who even has her own Facebook profile. In the United Kingdom, she’s a bit of a celebrity.

“I believe Roo will help Luke’s skin by reducing his stress,” Salmon added. Roo, on the other hand, has movement limitations. I mean, how could she not? She can get around on her own, but it’s a challenge, and her family is fearful that when she gets older, it may cause her pain.

They’ve contacted Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick, the star of The Supervet, as well as other veterinary surgeons and animal disability groups, to see whether Roo can be helped in any way.

But she was simply too young at the time. “She moves like an army crawl, staggers on her elbows with her bum in the air,” Salmon explained. “It’s sad, yet charming at the same time since she’s so energetic.”

Roo will have to wait and see if surgery can benefit her. When the family requested medical advice in August of last year, they were advised that the puppy would have to be at least a year old before surgery could be contemplated.

Roo was a candidate for surgery on one of her extra limbs, according to the family’s GoFundMe website. The surgery was set to take place in January 2020.

Keep a watch out for additional information about Roo and if she has a 4-legged future.

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No One Wanted to Adopt This Dog with 6 Legs! But One Day The Magic Happened
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