Little Puppy Was Stuck In Ice and There Was No One To Help Him

The employees at the supermarket had finished their shift. They started gathering carts and getting ready to go. Suddenly, a gloomy squeak could be heard. It sounded like a dog whining. When one of the women looked down, she noticed the puppy. The baby got inside one of the carts and hid. The dog was dirty, shabby.

“Don’t sleep baby, or you’ll freeze,” the woman said, scratching behind the ear. The puppy attempted to stand up, but was unsuccessful. He was able to raise his front paws, but the situation with his back legs was more difficult. When the woman bent down, she saw that the baby had been stuck to the ice.

He was wearing a frayed collar with the carbine ripped from it. This indicated that the puppy had escaped. The woman managed to “tear off” the poor doggy from the ice with some difficulty, but he was still unable to stand. The lady was confused. She had no idea what to do or how to assist the dog. So she called
her friend.

Our workers took Ben and transported him to the veterinarian for an inspection right away. He couldn’t completely raise since one of his legs had failed. Three of the limbs appeared to be «working,» but the fourth appeared to be frozen. The dog is around eight months old. Ben is a dog with a normal build but a low stature, weighing 13 kg.

We are thankful that women stayed and helped this poor puppy!

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Little Puppy Was Stuck In Ice and There Was No One To Help Him
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