Something Interesting Happens, When Woman Goes Strolling With Her Dogs

Living on a farm is nice because of the natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Moreover, the farm has a variety of farm animals that you may try to befriend. Spending a day at Scofflaw Farm in Tennessee might provide you with this kind of amazing time.

In Scofflaw Farm, it’s just another day.

Several farm animals, including chickens, ducks, goats, and even pigs, call Scofflaw Farm home. Scofflaw Farm’s proprietors also have two gorgeous dogs to keep them company.

The owner decided to go for a walk around the property with her dogs one day. A swarm of ducks and chickens following them as they made their way outside the farm to enjoy the fresh air. When the owner turned around, she noticed a herd of goats following them in the distance. For the owners and animals of Scofflaw Farm, this magnificent sight is just every day.

In this farm, anyone may be a Disney princess.

It would appear that she is a real-life Disney princess, what with the waddling ducks and chickens, followed by a herd of goats behind her. The two dogs are indifferent about their presence and freely wander alongside them.

Who knows how many more of these creatures are waiting for their owner to take them all for a stroll on the farm? It’s logical that these animals would follow their owner around all the time because of their affection and trust for her.

After the owner of Scofflaw Farm put it on their YouTube channel, the 27-second film became viral. Since its release in 2016, the video has received over one million views. We can all agree, however, that they are deserving of more recognition.

Cedar Hill, Tennessee is home to Scofflaw Farm. Apart from being a great home for humans and a variety of farm animals, it is also the birthplace of Sir Francis Bacon, the famed online pig mascot. Furthermore, the farm’s owners established a no-kill policy, guaranteeing that these animals live out their lives in a cruelty-free environment.

The owners obviously care for their farm animals because there is enough of food, water, and shelter for them. Aside from that, they have access to a large, open, and clean pasture on the property that they may explore whenever they wish. It also provides a vast area for the animals to socialize.

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Something Interesting Happens, When Woman Goes Strolling With Her Dogs
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