Jewelery Owner Stages Armed Robbery To Test His “Guard Dog” and The Dog’s Reaction Is The Best

Not every dog is made  to be a security dog.
Some people aren’t very good at playing this sort of character. When faced with possible intruders or threats, many dogs may respond immediately. Other dogs aren’t as tense as they should be, even in situations where they should be.

Worawut Lomwanawong, the owner of a jewelry business in Thailand, saw firsthand how poor some dogs are at providing security.

His husky, Lucky, has been dubbed “the worst guard dog in history” on the internet.

Lucky’s indifference to robbery is captured on CCTV.
At his story in Chang Ma, Thailand, Lomwanawong wanted to put his fearsome security dog to the test.

He wanted to see how well Lucky would protect him in the event of an armed intruder breaking into the business. As a result, he planned to stage a robbery.

Lucky didn’t appear to notice when a heist was staged.
The man had someone with a fake gun come into his store and pretend like he was stealing it in order to re-create the situation of an armed robbery.

The man most likely expected his loyal guard dog Lucky to appear and subdue the man right away. That, however, was not the case.

Lucky refuses to budge. If it had been a true robbery, Lucky could have reacted differently, but there is no evidence of this.

In this training situation, Lucky didn’t even blink an eyelash at the “intruder.” He didn’t even get up off the ground!

Lucky was just resting on the ground in front of the cash register when the man entered the store. Apparently, nothing about the phony robbery convinced Lucky that he needed to leave his job. He didn’t move from where he was.

The simulated robber got away with a backpack full of cash during this training exercise. Perhaps Lucky has never made the connection between their owner’s wealth and their ability to eat a lot of food and treats.

Perhaps his attitude here would have been different if he had done so.

“Lucky for me, I’m being robbed.” Are you able to help? No? okay.”
Throughout the staged armed conflict, the shop owner sometimes looks over to Lucky, as if to say, “hey boy, we’re being robbed over here, who wants to help stop a robbery?” “Who’s a good boy?” says the speaker.

Lucky ever gets out of his chair.

Not only did Lucky not consider the situation dangerous enough to subdue the thief, but he also did not consider it interesting enough to wake him up from his nap.

To be fair to Lucky, the guy later confessed that his security dog knew the fake thief.

It’s conceivable that Lucky smelled the man and realized he wasn’t a threat.

“This was a Thai police training exercise to simulate what would happen if a thief broke into my store and took all of the jewelry.” “The armed robbery in this video involves a police officer who my dog Lucky previously knew; perhaps that’s why she didn’t intervene,” Worawut told Bored Panda. “I thought it was amusing that she didn’t even try to do anything and just continued to sleep.” I had no idea the video would become viral when I shared it on Lucky’s Facebook. It’s incredible to see that the video has over 1 million views in just three days.”

What is Lucky excellent at if he isn’t a good guard dog?

Lucky isn’t a fantastic guard dog, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t a wonderful canine buddy. Dogs aren’t just here to help us; they’re also here to be our friends, and we think Lucky is a great one.

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Jewelery Owner Stages Armed Robbery To Test His “Guard Dog” and The Dog’s Reaction Is The Best
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