Firefighters who found a dog were unsure if they could free his head from the rocks

Dogs may find themselves in the most dangerous situations, as shown by a recent rescue effort in Spain. Firefighters from Malaga, Spain, were called to a scene where a dog was discovered entangled in a mound of rocks.

This story is unusual and weird because the unfortunate dog was able to stand and walk about despite the fact that just his head was trapped between the massive boulders.

Around midday, a kind Samaritan in the vicinity saw something among the stones. A closer investigation revealed that it was a frightened puppy who had pushed his nose into the area. One of the firefighters was wearing a camera, so the whole two-hour struggle to free the stray dog was caught on film.

The dog could be seen writhing and waiting to be hauled out to safety while the crew drilled and pounded at the huge rock. It required all of the men’s muscles, as well as their unique instruments, to work on extracting the pooch before it was too late. When the dog was ultimately liberated from the scary circumstances, he seemed to be well. As soon as the crew rescued him, the dog broke loose and went away unharmed.

The spectacular rescue may be seen in the video below.