A 9-Year-Old Boy Raises Over $80,000 to Buy Bullet-Proof Vests For Police Dogs

Many young children dream of becoming police officers as they grow up, but one 9-year-old is looking for police divisions right now.

Brady Snakovsky, a third-grader from Strongsville, Ohio, isn’t your regular kid. Brady had huge plans to become a bobby, so when he noticed a K-9 on his favorite bobby show, Live PD, wasn’t wearing a pellet evidence vest, he wanted to do something about it.

Brady asked his mother if they might buy a vest for a K-9 in need. Brady and his mother discovered that the vests were too expensive, so they founded Brady’s K9 Fund and began a Go Fund Me campaign.

Until now, the design has been a huge success. According to his mother, Leah Tornabene, they’ve raised fascinating shiffre and given 79 vests to colorful cops, including the Mendon Police Department, who tweeted about it.

” K9 Officer Pichel and K9 Brady would like to express their gratitude to Brady Snakovsky, a very exceptional young guy. Brady presented the Mendon Police Division K9 System with a LOF Defence Road Fighter Vest. “#BradysK 9Fund,” says Brady.

On his Go Fund Me site, you can learn more about Brady and his incredible effort to ensure that all K-9 police officers wear vests.

Also, humans offer messy canine caught in molten rubber in a stalwart moment.

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A 9-Year-Old Boy Raises Over $80,000 to Buy Bullet-Proof Vests For Police Dogs
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