This story has broken a lot of hearts! A dog sacrificed his life to rescue his owners

A loyal dog risked his life to protect his owners from a house invader.

There is no question about our dogs’ devotion and affection for their owners, and although the current story is heartbreaking, this devoted dog was a hero; he gave his own life to rescue his family!

It occurred in Merauke, Indonesia, when Achy Wijaya awoke in the morning to find his dog practically dying in their yard. The night before, Achy heard him barking.

Achy was distraught to find that his dog had been poisoned on purpose:

“They didn’t steal us because our beloved dog kept barking,” Achy posted on Facebook. “We only acknowledged it when we left the home in the morning.” We discovered that the robbers had poisoned our dog.”

According to the awful facts received, the family was sleeping when a team of robbers prepared to rob their house.

Their dog began barking madly, but no one stopped to look because they assumed the dog had discovered the cat.

The dog immediately stopped barking, and the following morning he was discovered near – laying in its own vomit with a taste of froth.

“We wanted to take him to the veterinarian, but we live in Papua, where the vet normally just deals with animals.” Furthermore, it was a Sunday, so the vet’s clinic was closed as well, “Achy added.

The family attempted to assist their dog by forcing him to drink milk, oil, and coconut milk, but he was too frail and passed away.

And, while Achy, devastated, mourned the loss of his dog, who gave his life to rescue his family, Achy videotaped his heroic dog’s last moments—to honour his pet’s life and warn others to focus when their pets bark!

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This story has broken a lot of hearts! A dog sacrificed his life to rescue his owners
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