Boy Saves Bobcat From Forest Fire – Watch How The Animal Thanks Him

Unfortunately, forest fires have destroyed a major portion of the United States during the last decade. Millions of people have been affected by raging forest fires from California to Tennessee, Oregon to Arizona. Unfortunately, the flames are not just affecting, endangering  humans; our wildlife is also in danger. When a swath of dangerous flames ripped across their area, the Kraus family confronted a hard reality. Thankfully, their home was spared the sparks. However, the nearby animals was not so fortunate.

Two terrified, tired beings – a wildcat and a fawn – struggled to recover their air in the smoke, according to George Kraus. George, an experienced animal rescuer, took the couple home right away and nursed them back to health. It didn’t take long for the two to fit in with the other pets and win everyone’s hearts. After months of winning each other’s confidence, the Kraus’ and the bobcat, Benji, began to behave more like owners of a domestic cat than owners of a wild animal. Benji began to cuddle, play with toys, and take naps on the family’s furniture!

Unless you’re an experienced animal rescuer like George, it’s critical to contact the right animal rescue team to take up wild critters as soon as possible, even though Benji is clearly a house pet today and has been in the family for years. Take a look at the video below to see this extraordinary encounter for yourself. They have a bond that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before!

Watch the video below!

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Boy Saves Bobcat From Forest Fire – Watch How The Animal Thanks Him
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