Dog Excitedly Rings Bell After Seeing Bears In Swimming Pool

When Tiffany Kress’ rescue puppy needed to go outdoors, she taught her to ring a bell. Daisy, the dog, was eager to take advantage of the system. But one day, she furiously rang the doorbell to get outdoors. Kress recognized there was a bear in the yard with two cubs before opening the door. Daisy appeared to want to join them in the water while they were having fun.

This was the one time Kress was unable to provide the puppy with what she desired. Daisy, on the other hand, remained unaffected and continued to ring the bell.

Daisy was barely three months old when Kress adopted her. After a pregnant dog arrived to a neighboring rescue, she was delivered in foster care. She rapidly caught up on the training and grew excited about ringing the bell to go outdoors. But she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t go out when she spotted three prospective companions in her yard.

A mother bear and her two cubs were playing in the pool when Kress peeked outside. Daisy was unable to stop ringing the doorbell. She just wanted to play with them outside! Kress, on the other hand, was concerned about the puppy’s safety.

In the video, Kress says, “So we bell-trained our dog.” “However, I don’t think she’ll be able to go out right now.”

As a result, the family sat behind glass doors to observe the bears. Kress recorded the meeting and shared it on Instagram later. The bears barely stay for a minute in the video, after which the cubs jump up and go away in a fun manner. As she steps out of the pool to investigate where the cubs have gone, the mother bear appears exhausted. Daisy keeps ringing the bell and looking outside, eager, throughout the video.

Bear sightings are considerably more common than you may imagine, according to Kress, who lives in Sierra Madre, California. Bear sightings are practically regular after the Bobcat Fire in September 2020. This is, however, the first time bears have managed to swim in Kress’ pool.

“We see these bears almost every day, and in some cases many times a day, behind our house.” They did, however, eventually decide to cross the wall and take a swim in the pool! Daisy, our dog, was ecstatic to meet the new buddies,” Kress said on Instagram.

Of course, they aren’t the only California family who has had to deal with this. A kid who shoved a bear to save her pets was also featured in a recent story. Bears may appear to dogs as adorable pals, but they are dangerous. As a result, Daisy will only be able to befriend bears from afar.

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Dog Excitedly Rings Bell After Seeing Bears In Swimming Pool
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