This Man Risks His Life To Help a Dog! Look What He Has Done

In certain places of Alabama, severe flooding was left behind after strong storms went through. The water was not deep enough to prevent humans from escaping, but it did catch some innocent animals. So when Bill Banks, the director of an animal shelter, got a call about a dog caught in the water, he jumped at the chance to help.

Before entering the property, Banks had no knowledge of the dog or the flooding. But, like any real animal lover, he was prepared to put his life on the line for a helpless animal. He was in a dangerous situation, but now he’s being called a hero.

Bill Banks, the director of the Dothan Animal Shelter, is no newcomer to helping animals in need. He wasn’t about to stand by and watch a dog suffer when he could assist. Because the dog’s owner was unavailable during the flood, Banks became the pup’s only hope.

After seeing the dog treading water in a flooded area, someone phoned the shelter for assistance. Because the dog was trapped in a fenced-in area, he was unable to swim to shallow water. The water was around waist-high for humans.

To save the dog, Banks rushed into the yard and into the fenced-in area. Because he didn’t know the water conditions or the dog’s attitude, he risked his health and safety. Fortunately, images from the rescue reveal that the dog appeared to be eager to be rescued. The dog was seen hanging to Banks as though cuddling him in one picture.

“Go to Animal Services and work with them.” “They replied, ‘It will be amazing,'” Banks joked on Facebook.

Due to Banks’ selfless act, the dog is now secure. The owner has already come home and transferred the dog to a new area where a similar incident would not happen again.

Banks does not hold the owners responsible for the incident, but other animal lovers disagree. Many people feel that the dog should be kept indoors and should not be left alone for long periods of time. However, based on just one story, it’s difficult to determine the dog’s entire situation. What matters most is that he made it through the floods thanks to a true hero!

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This Man Risks His Life To Help a Dog! Look What He Has Done
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