Kind Police Officers Walk Shelter Dogs During Their Lunch Breaks

If these two kind officers are not defending the people of their community, it is because they are in Texas volunteering to help lonely dogs.

Officers Amy Thomas and Ashley Uribe of the Austin Police Department spend their lunch breaks walking shelter pets every Thursday, a wonderful custom that is as uplifting for them as it is for the canines they meet.

As self-proclaimed animal lovers who have both adopted dogs from shelters to join their families, working there to assist other animals seemed like a natural match.

“They’re kept in a cage 24 hours a day,” Thomas explained. “They’ll be stuck there if they don’t get out.” The dogs may be hesitant at first, but the more good human interaction they experience, the more likely they are to be adopted.”

The officers claim that walking the dogs does more than simply provide them socialization and the opportunity to go out of their kennels and stroll around for a bit; it also lifts their spirits. The police hope that when more people hear about the routine they’ve grown to enjoy, they’ll be inspired to volunteer their time to help shelter animals.

It is amazing that these kind women help not only people but also animals who are in cages for hours. They help
them to have some joy in their life!

We are overwhelmed and happy to have such beautiful people in our world!

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Kind Police Officers Walk Shelter Dogs During Their Lunch Breaks
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