Owner Left Pomeranian Just For Being “Too Big”

The great majority of breeders are excellent, honest people. Unfortunately, a small minority will always ruin everything they have.

While most breeders attempt to raise happy, healthy animals, other breeders believe that none of that counts unless the animal has the correct ‘look.’

This frequently leads to inbreeding, as well as mistreatment and surrender of animals deemed unprofitable or useless by the breeder.

This is what happened to a New York Pomeranian puppy.
When his ignorant breeder decided he was “too large to sell,” he was left at a Tulsa animal shelter. The unfortunate puppy was given away as easy as trash, but his story had a beautiful conclusion.

An artist from New York fell in love with the puppy as soon as she saw his images online and adopted him.

He’s become a bit of an internet celebrity since then, and we’re guessing that’s enough to make his owners regret giving him up!

Bertram, the “overly huge” Pomeranian, was one of the shelter’s most popular dogs.

As a result, when staff received a call of interest, they felt a combination of sadness and joy at the prospect of letting the puppy.

Bert had been placed on Petfinder as “Jasper,” and it didn’t take long for him to grab the attention of a New York dog enthusiast.

Kathy Grayson was so determined to bring home the puppy she’d fallen in love with that she traveled from New York to Tulsa and drove hundreds of miles to retrieve Bert.

Kathy told Bored Panda that there was something about Bert’s eyes that attracted her interest the first time she saw him.

“I flew to Tulsa and went into town to pick him up; it was a fantastic journey,” she said. “The shelter was heartbroken to see him go; he had received some extra special affection there.”

People fell in love with Bert no matter where the couple traveled, and when Kathy decided to give him an Instagram account, it quickly grew to over 443k followers!

Bert isn’t only a good-looking, as it turns out. He’s also a genuinely kind.
Kathy describes Bert as “very peaceful and chill, curious and funny.” “As he was taking over my art gallery page, I gave him his own Instagram!” People just wanted to see Bert, and I needed to post paintings.”

People have begun to visit Kathy’s gallery just to say hello to Bert, who has become a celebrity. Kathy  doesn’t mind.

“It makes me so happy when people come to the art gallery to visit Bertie or bring their pets to meet him!” She explains. “Bert is a great dog who makes people happy; the Internet and social media were intended for cute animals, and people need an antidote to all the nastiness.”

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Owner Left Pomeranian Just For Being “Too Big”
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