Woman discovered a dog sitting at the railroad tracks for hours, but when she found out the reason, she burst into tears

Dogs are very devoted to their owners, but unfortunately, that devotion isn’t always returned. Too many dogs are left by their owners, and it’s distressing to observe how canines don’t appear to realize they’ve been a.b.a.n.d.oned – they continue waiting for their people to return.

That’s the situation for one unhappy puppy who was left near the railroad tracks and had to wait for his owner for days.

Suzette Hall, an animal rescuer, got a complaint about a black Lab that had been spotted roaming along the train lines in Irvine, California. The dog had apparently been left there by his previous owner and seemed to be hoping in vain for them to come back.

“They usually wait after they’re d.u.m.p.ed because they’re so devoted and they assume the person will return,” Suzette said. “The woman who first observed him stated he didn’t move until the train was nearly there.”

Suzette was concerned for the dog’s health and safety since he was fi.g.hting for himself with no food or water and was at risk of getting hit by a train. She was inspired by the dog’s persistence and dedication when she arrived at the site of the dog’s last known location.

Suzette posted on Facebook, “There he was, like a soldier.” “Pretending to be strong in the face of adversity.” Marching down the train in search of food and shelter “He’s fi.g.hting for his life.”

She chose the name “Soldier” for the dog. It took some time to win the dog’s trust, but she was eventually able to tempt him with a chicken and bring him to safety.

Suzette brought Soldier to the vet, where they began providing much-needed treatment to the “filthy” dog. “It was difficult to distinguish between filth and coat,” Suzette wrote. “A festering abrasion under his front leg.” “Life on the railroads is perilous.”

Soldier is now taking daily topical medicines after the vet washed him clean and treated his wound.

Suzette said that he is now “decompressing” and is open to fostering or adopting.

“His soiled history has been wiped away, and Soldier is now ready to let down his guard and be loved,” she wrote.

We hope that this adorable puppy soon finds a home where he will be loved.