Flight Attendants Break Protocol To Save Dog’s Life

Dogs are definitely our guardian angels, and there are numerous accounts of their heroic – lifesaving – acts. Even an angel, though, may require assistance. However, when this small puppy needed assistance, two flight attendants stepped up and saved her life!

Michele Burt, her husband Steven, and their three dogs boarded a JetBlue aircraft from Florida to Massachusetts, expecting it to be a typical journey because they have traveled extensively. The Burts had the dogs in carriers under their seats, according to protocol. However, shortly after takeoff, Michele discovered that one of her dogs, Darcy, a gorgeous French Bulldog, was having difficulty breathing.

Michele opened Darcy carrier’s door, worried, to check on her. The woman was well aware that she was breaking the airline company’s rules, but her dog’s life was in danger!

The woman subsequently added, “I observed her tongue was blue, and I am aware it is a sign of insufficient oxygen.” “I took her out from under the seat and put her on my lap to assist her cool off and relax since she was terrified and breathing rapidly.”

Because flight attendant Renaud Fenster had no idea what was going on, he originally requested Michele to return her dog, as flight protocol in these cases is highly severe. He quickly understood, however, that it was something serious, and he raced to assist, but not before informing his colleague Diane Asher.

The two crew members attempted to cool Darcy down with ice packs, but were unable. Renaud, who also owns a French Bulldog, came up with another plan. But it’s one that goes against the rules. He was willing to take that danger, though, in order to save the unfortunate dog’s life.

“He [Renaud] brought a tiny oxygen tank with a mask and said, ‘Maybe this will help,'” Michelle explained. “”I feel Renaud and Diane saved a life; some may discount the worth of life due to Darcy’s canine status, but I do not.”

Darcy’s life was saved by the two flight attendants, despite the fact that they had to break the regulations. So, once they landed and Darcy had fully recovered, Michele decided to write a letter to express her gratitude to these two wonderful women. “I wanted to express my gratitude to JetBlue and Renaud and Diane for performing an excellent job while also being wonderful people!”

When the corporation learned of the situation, it was delighted. They even complimented the two women on their efforts! “Our aim is to inspire humanity,” JetBlue said in a statement. “We’re incredibly proud of those great crew members who constantly display a commitment for good customer service.”

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Flight Attendants Break Protocol To Save Dog’s Life
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