Look How This Scared Dog Blossoms When She’s Shown Some Love

Have you ever wished that you could give every shelter dog one day to feel as loved as possible?

Rocky Kanaka is living out his childhood dream. Rocky and his team flew throughout the country providing animal shelters much-needed renovations to help raise adoption rates and make shelter life a little better for pets and workers on the CW show Save Our Shelter. His firm, The Dog Bakery, creates and sells delicious, dog-safe cakes and treats, and he also shares his passion of excellent, healthy food with dogs.

Rocky’s work with dogs is drawing attention to animals in need and the organizations that help them. Dog’s Day Out, his most recent project, provides shelter dogs a break from the noisy, stressful atmosphere of the shelter, pampers them, and allows them to shine for for one day. Often, they just need one day to show the world how beautiful they can be.

Rocky picked Maple, who was rescued from a life of neglect by Marley’s Mutts, for this episode. Maple was found hurt and terrified, and despite the fact that she is still healing, Rocky wanted to make her day.

Though many potential adopters would see Maple in her cage as a worried, fearful Pit Bull, Rocky offered her the opportunity to stand out and show people that she’s more than just a sad dog whimpering behind bars – she’s a lovely, loving girl who deserves to be loved.

Maple is attractive in her gorgeous costumes, and she appears to be much more happy giving big, wet kisses to the crowds that fell head over heals for her at her “Butterfly Kisses” booth!

We cherish the butterfly costume even more after seeing her blossom and transition from a crying puppy to a joyful, friendly pet. Maple deserved that massage after a day of sticky sweets, sweet photographs, and wet kisses!

Maple’s wonderful day has come to an end, but you can help her find a family who can make every day memorable for her by spreading the news.

To keep up with Dog’s Day Out and other fun videos featuring Rocky’s dogs, subscribe to Rocky’s YouTube channel! RockyKanaka.com has additional information about Maple and her big day.

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Look How This Scared Dog Blossoms When She’s Shown Some Love
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